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11-20-2003, 09:42 PM

I'm a thirteen year old recovering alcoholic. I've been clean for about four months. Right now I feel so alone. I don't want to start drinking again but I'm scared. I haven't been doing the greatest in school right now, I'm failing art, yah I know, art. My parents have been really supportive but they don't know what I'm going through, and they've putting a lot of pressure on me, unconciously, about getting into a certain high school. I'm taking the early entrance exam in 2 weeks, and I'm totally freaking out about my grades. Right now I just need some encouragement from people who know what I'm going through.
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11-20-2003, 11:48 PM

you seem really young to be a recovering alcaholic...but so was i. drinking can make your grades fall behind really really bad....but its good that youve been clean. the best advice i can give is to stop worrying and just take things as it comes. its not the end of the world if u dont get into this certain highschool...even if it is for your parents, but trust me you can get in if its something u want and are willing to concentrate on. start setting goals and if your parents are pressuring u too much just remeber your 13...life in the 'real world' is just begining and things will get better. my mum puts pressure on me 24/7 and i dont cope very well at all, which leads to me ending up hopeless at school. but if u talk to your parents maybe they will ease up a bit, youve come a long way now so its obvious you will and are going to go alot further. drinking again may seem very tempting, but try not to waste the 4 months of hard work. if anything, knowing that youve recovered makes you stronger.
lots a luv
*daria* :blink:
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11-21-2003, 05:11 PM

huge congrats on recovering. i live with an alcoholic and though i am not one myself, i see every day how hard it is to recover. you're going through a lot (like you didn't know that....) and you're very courageous. could you talk to a school counselor about your grades? i was failing art (my absolute favorite thing to do) too and i stayed after school and worked my ass of making up the work. what really helped me was talking to my academic counselor or just a regular counselor about all the work and pressures that were piling themselves up on me. they straightened things out for me for the most part and we came up with a list of assignements that i have to do and i checked them off as i went. i know what academic pressure is like, believe me. the holidays are coming up really soon...if you can, get some rest during that time. do things for yourself and try not to worry too much. you can make it through the academic stuff. good luck.
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