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Not sure what to think anymore. =/ - 01-06-2012, 07:59 PM

wow... oookkk.. so i haven't made a thread in what seems like forever so bare with me if i talk too much or whatever. uumm.. a lot has happened recently. so much crap that i'm not exactly sure if i should put this in this area or not but it seemed appropriate so blah. i have this ex boyfriend. who use to hit me. he was also very verbally and emotionally abusive. i thought i loved him but apparently i was just too scared to leave him. i recently went to court to try and get a restraining order against him but they denied my request because they said i didn't have enough evidence and that the police reports against him wasn't incriminating enough. then i found out like a week later that he in return put a restraining order against me. which makes me think he's just trying to ruin my life sumhow. he made up a bunch of lies about how i smoke all the time.... i don't. how i hit him, or constantly harass him... and i don't do either of these neither yet he was able to successfully get the restraining order. so i'm like wtf? those are the things that he does and yet the court system is protecting him. i don't understand that at all. so then i thought whatever cos at least if he has the restraining order then he might leave me alone but he hasn't. i keep seeing him pop up all over the place, he doesn't actually try to make contact, you know as far as talking to me or anything but i can tell that he's watching me which makes me think he's doing this on purpose to plan something and i'm so scared i dunno what else to do. the police seem useless seeing as tho if i'm near him i'll get in trouble but he keeps coming around. the paranoia is eating me alive. i have nightmares all the time and i fear that if i don't do anything about this then things will only get worse

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03-15-2012, 10:39 PM

Have you got an close family members or friends who understand the relationship you've been in? Are there any sort of citizen's advise or support groups you can turn to for advise on the legal issues? The situations sounds horrible. What would he be planning? If he has a restraining order placed on you, why is he going near you?

The situation sounds so isolating. I hope you're holding up ok. *hugs*

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05-02-2012, 02:54 PM

Hun, I don't know if you still come here, but if you do, then either PM or email me, please?

I know that I gave the impression that I didn't care any more because I was only coming here every couple of months or so, but I haven't forgotten you.

Please forgive me and talk to me? I PM'd you a month or so back; please read it.

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I miss you Sha, and alll of your family, I hope I get to see you all again, even if just once. God bless.

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08-05-2012, 12:53 AM

sorry or the late reply. alot has been going on... yes... i do have family members that know about the situation but at the same time my family isn't exactly living in a white picketed fence. they kinda see this problem as a life lesson, it happens to everyone atleast once && i'm on my own, pretty much. since they don't really care much to help. there so busy with their own lives. yes i've been to support groups but they always make me feeel so weird. he's a psychopath... i have no idea what he's planning but after all this time i've figured out a way to just avoid him all together. i saw him face to face a couple of weeks ago and when i asked him y he cant just leave me alone, he explained how he thinks i'm still in love with him even after everything we've been through and the restraining order is a facade to make me look like the crazy person so if i "magically end up dead, he wont be to blame" so i had to change my name, do everything else i could to try and get away. things aren't 100% perfect but i don't feel like such a confused mess like i did when i first wrote that post, and thanks for replying.
i really appreciate it when ppl try to show support since i dont have it much often
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