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"She jumped..." - 02-11-2008, 03:02 AM

The place was swarming with TV news crews, each one trying to get the hottest story.
"Hello and good day, I'm Katy Sherman, here to bring you the latest news update. We are here in the city of London to have coverage on a crazed woman with suspected mental illness, threatening to jump from the roof of her work building." The camera changed it's angle, so that the woman and the tall man stood behind her were in perfect view. The woman was called Harriet Goldman, and the tall man stood behind her was called Lucas Thorn. Sharna Goldman, Harriet's sister, was sat at home anxiously watching the live news coverage.

Sharna had always seen her sister as such a happy person. Never falling out with anyone, not making any enemies, never having reason to even be sad. The camera zoomed in on Harriet, Sharna saw her sister being pushed over the edge of the building by Lucas, someone she had known and trusted ever since she'd known him.
"NO! HARRIET!" Sharna screamed, bursting into tears.

Harriet was killed on impact. Lucas was arrested, he wanted no lawyer, and pleaded guilty in court- he didn't even put up a fight. Lucas was given a life sentence, which he was quite happy to serve. Sharna's pain was worsened when Lucas didn't deny killing Harriet, Sharna didn't want to believe that Lucas had killed her sister, but she had to.

Thirty years into Lucas' sentence he was offered parole, but he wished to serve his sentence. The now 43 year old Sharna had taken her sister's death pretty hard- she wanted to know why. She went to see Lucas, during his visiting hours.
"Tell me why Lucas, why do that to my sister?" Sharna slowly stated as she blinked back the tears.
"Do you want the truth? Or do you want what you've been told?" Lucas asked.
"The truth, please?" The tears began to roll down Sharna's cheeks.
"I am an old man now, my memory does not serve me well, but this, I remember as clear as day, it has haunted my dreams." Lucas sighed.
"Just tell me, please." Sharna asked again.
"That day, I had followed your sister up to the roof. I knew her so well, I could tell when something was wrong. She told me that she would give her life for me, and asked me if I would do the same- I told her I would. She asked for the truth, so I told her I wouldn't- I couldn't lie to her. She told me how much she loved me, but I already knew. She took a few steps forward, I asked her to think rationally, she told me she was. " Lucas paused as the tears began to pour down his face, "She jumped..." he whispered.
Sharna shook her head,
"She didn't, I saw you, I saw you lunge forward at her!" she shouted.
"No, what you saw, was me lunging after her, trying to catch her." he cried.
"So why plead guilty?" Sharna asked.
"Because it WAS my fault, if it weren't for me, she'd still be here." he sobbed, "the truth is, I would have given my life for her- I just realised it 3 seconds too late..."

Lucas died in prison twenty years later. He rotted in that cell- just like he'd always told the guards he'd wanted to, just like he thought he deserved.

"...But where there is Light there will always be Shadow..."
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02-11-2008, 11:18 AM

thats so....creative, i guess i would call it. its an interesting concept on a very real feeling a lot of people have. and it was wonderfully written. do you have other work?

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My other work - 02-11-2008, 11:33 AM

I also wrote 'Mirrors...' i hope you like it!

"...But where there is Light there will always be Shadow..."
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