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... - 02-17-2012, 03:40 PM

Hello everyone,
Right I use to come onto FTI well many years ago now (makes me seem old!), and today i guess i just needed someone to talk to who understood. FTI back then did help me through a lot of things and even though I'm not sure if the same users still use this forum I guess I just need to get some stuff out.

I was doing good, I passed my A Levels, got into a good univeristy and I'm now studying a subject I love at a university I'm happy with. I've made great friends everythings been good.... Except it hasn't. I've gained a lot of weight recently and today after finding out I did not do great in my exams I threw up again.. (It's been a while since I have thrown up). And suddenly its all I think of doing now. It suddenly seems like my ED is saying to me haha I never actually left, I'm still here still going to **** with you..... I've been really stressed recently with a lot of personal stuff happening, and today when I threw up I felt relief I guess.. And that honestly scares me like hell...

I'm not sure why I'm posting this just really needed to talk to someone, it seems like I have no one that really listens to me anymore...
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02-19-2012, 03:47 AM

Hello! I remember you!

Lol well you did tonnes better than me haha - I've consistantly failed everything up to now. I'm doing science now though the same pattern presented itself to me and I've been off an awful lot with stress around winter. But hopefully I can salvage something from it!
Well done on your achievements.

You have control, don't forget that. Indulge in something else - like exersize when you're feeling stressed/tempted. You've achieved so much! Maybe you should buy a journal to help you with routines and getting your feelings on to paper. I'm thinking you're probably feeling overwhelmed at the minute what with uni work and your personal stuff (which I hope gets resolved soon :/ ) Sometimes it really helps gets things done if you have a rough schedule written out if you're feeling low on motivation or a bit over whelmed. Stay strong.

Why do you feel like you have noone who really listens? I bet there are some friends of yours that would.

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Originally Posted by Voltaire
Courtesy of the convo between me and puff when my fingers spasmed:

no ****ing animals in ze jumbo non-balloon vehicle okay? asshole?

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03-25-2012, 06:29 PM

You feel old? You should try being me (although I'm not going to Boots to buy Just for Men yet)!

Not doing well in your exams isn't the end of the world. You can always retake them or pick up your studies again when you feel up to it (although I know there's the financial cost to worry about). I didn't do well in my last couple of years at school and dropped out of the sixth form, but I did an OU degree in my twenties.

If you genuinely love what you're studying, then you'll succeed eventually. I'm not exactly a natural when it comes to maths, but I still managed to pass my physics exams, because I was so interested in the subject. It was sometimes a hard slog, but the fact that I was studying a subject that I loved gave me the motivation to carry it through.

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I miss you Sha, and alll of your family, I hope I get to see you all again, even if just once. God bless.
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