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Involuntary Treatment Order - FAIL! - 12-18-2011, 10:07 AM

On the 22nd of November, I was admitted to hospital with a blood sugar of 2.3 (not diabetic) and told I should've been unconscious. I spent 11 days there under the endochrinology team with psych back up. The head-honcho psych at the hospital (I'd seen him on prior admissions, but not on anorexia-related things. He didnt remember me, but I think he will now...) said he wasn't going to go to war with me, and that I had complete control of intake. On the 2nd of December, I came home, still struggling with my blood sugar. I went back to emergency on the 9th with severe hypotension, this time being told I should've had a stroke. Enter the psych, and I was slapped with an Involuntary Treatment Order (had one in feb, too). He said someone else would see me on the weekend ( this was Friday), and he'd see me when he was back on Monday.

Waited over the weekend, not allowed to leave the ward because of the psych (last time I was ITO'd under q different psych & could go around the hospital with supervision). On Monday he came to see me with the registrar (I saw both on the 11 day admission). He asked how things were, and I said I really didn't want to go to the eating disorder's unit (at another hospital - where I was headed again). He asked how my weekend
was and I told him it was quiet & boring. 'Didn't a psych come to review you on Saturday?' since no one reviewed me in 24hrs, the ITO wasn't confirmed or lifted, so he said I was in 'legal limbo', and they'd be back later to let me know what the lawyers said.

No one came back monday. Tuesday, the reg came in the morning and said the psych would be in that afternoon. He came in pretty late. Now, the psych left on Monday basically looking for a throat to slit about the review not happening. It turns out that he forgot to make a phonecall to organize the review. The ITO had lapsed, and I was free to do what I wanted, so I came home a few hours later. He said it hadn't happened in that hospital in years & years, that it was extremely uncommon.

Don't think he'll forget me in a hurry!

This is the end... Beautiful friend, the end...
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02-09-2012, 04:15 PM

Jesus. That isn't very professional!

How are you?

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Originally Posted by Voltaire
Courtesy of the convo between me and puff when my fingers spasmed:

no ****ing animals in ze jumbo non-balloon vehicle okay? asshole?

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