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11-10-2003, 11:52 AM

I am a 28 year old female. That in her mothers eyes can not do nothing right.All she evers says is that i am lazy and worthless. She tells people that I am not a good mother to my own kids. She calls me names that really scare me for life. Every time she drinks she blames it on me by saying that I give her to much stress. She even told me a couple times she wishes I was not even born. I try toignore her but I can not do so. She has a good relationship with my childrenand I do not want to take that away from them. Everytime I get a man that I really care for she always starts up. Needless to say me the the guy do not stay togather for long. My ex-financee(god bless his soul) just died a week ago. She could not stand him at all. I want to her to get supportand she told me that she was glad that he was died, but when his recent girlfriend went to her she held her like a baby without a mom. I have tried so long to make things right , but I do not know how to anymore. I have been with a new guy for 6 months now and my mom keeps telling everyone that I was still sleeping with my ex. I was not. I have told my new man about my ex and how much I still cared and love him and he understands. Everytime I turn around though I hear that my mom has been saying things again. I try to make our conversations short so we do not fight with each other, but it never seems to work. I do not understand how you could love someone so much that is so mean to you . I always believed that no matter what family should stick together. No matter what. I feel like she has no place for me and that she really does not care. Her words hurt me so much that it feels like someone has stuck a dagger straight through my heart.