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Music of the Soul - 11-27-2008, 02:26 AM

Hey everyone

I've always wondered if people see music in the same light as I do. I love my music. I listen to ALOT of different things ranging from Metallica, Seether, Motorhead, Killswitch engage, to MCR, Goldfinger, Something corporate, to Dj Sammy, Dj Tiesto, Cosmic Gate, to Mozart, Pachlebel, Chopin, Beethoven.

I've noticed a lot of my friends and people I know listen to music, but they let the music they listen to dictate their emotions. An example is a friend I have who self injures, she only does so when listening to a certain type of music. Although it is her favourite type of music (aesthetic purposes), I still don't understand that.

For me music elicits feelings and emotions based on how I felt the first time I listened to that song. I have songs I will listen to SPECIFICALLY to remind me of a certain time in my life. Listening to songs I listened to when I was 13 really makes me feel 13 again. I close my eyes and listen, and I feel as if I am there. And its just beautiful to me.

Sometimes it makes me cry cz some of my favourite songs remind me of bad times, but others, remind me of better times.

Does anyone feel this? I don't know. I just feel as this is a gift. It makes me ache SOOOOO bad to want to goto the past, but I understand that these songs are better used for just remembering the good times.


I write poetry to express my emotions. www.youtube.com/user/InTheMindOfThePoet

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11-27-2008, 03:02 AM

I feel it!! Like every song on my ipod brings back the memory of the place and time when I first heard it, so Guardian Angel by RJA brings back the memory of sitting in my room my first week at uni, feeling so isloated and alone and I felt better when I heard that, cant help falling in love by elvis brings back the memory of sitting at my grandads listening to all his old elvis records a few months before he died, headfirst for halos brings back the specific memory of walking up the steps to my 6th form college with an armful of textbooks as I was getting ready for my exams and heaven forbid by the fray makes me think of the first time i self harmed because it was on the radio at the time, so it brings back bad feelings

so i get what you mean, I have a visual and an emotional memory attatched to every song Ive ever heard, and when i listen to them i just get the exact picture in my mind of the time and place.


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11-27-2008, 05:19 AM

Of course music affects your emotions, this has been clearly shown in a study with 2 test drivers.
Test driver A was listening to relax, slow, calming music with a slow beat. Test driver B listened to something faster, and "louder". Test driver A drove much slower than B, but this was kind of obvious right?
Now what i have figured out is that i have read in many places that years of driving experience lead to know unconsciously what you are supposed to do. Hit the clutch, change gears, ect..
So when adding music to the driving the emotions which aren't involved seem to show. They can be seen by the speed. Emotions which aren't involved i mean like...emotions which don't usually occur whilst driving with-out music. So music does affect us subconsciously, but also it can affect us in the way you want it to. If you listen to a slow "sad" song, your mood will mirror that theme, but only if you feel that way towards the actual music.. ya' know what i'm saying?
I kind of lost track of what i was saying.

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11-27-2008, 07:51 AM

this is so true

That's the reason I love music because I always seem to listen to what reflects my emotions or how I feel at a certain time. I remember back when I was 12 and I use to listen to Korn all the time. Now when i go back and play a song from that album, I remember what stage I was at in my life. Like that was near the time I first started SI ing.

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11-27-2008, 08:57 AM


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12-01-2008, 12:06 PM

I LAUGH when I hear music I listened when I was 12,13, or younger... That music is terrible. I can't say I feel connected to these songs. In general, I don't even want or like to think of past. Definitely not through songs.
I listen what I feel like listening, always searching new stuff. Music (art) is best weapon to overcome the state of despair.
lol, I wrote an essay about this for philosophy class just few days ago... I better not start now again...
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12-03-2008, 09:25 PM

i just love the music coz it brings out certain emotions, like RJA makes me feel sad but happy at the same time and i love that feeling bcoz i never feel like that without it, and no matter what the muisic if i like it, i feel good, even if it makes me cry, like your gardian angel did once, but at the same time i get what your saying about it taking you back too a certain memory, like when ever i hear the affor mentioned song i remember the day i cryed when listening to it, and the reason why i did, and the reason why i feel like crying again, something to do with relating to it, does that make any sence?, i absolutely love rja though so that might be why all there songs make me feel the way they do. i just love my music, and thats enough for me, but i always love it for a reason

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12-03-2008, 11:33 PM

i listen to anything and everything, for all sorts of reasons.

some songs make me happy ^_^

others make me sad.

there are some that bring back good and bad memories to mind.

other people dedicate songs to me. okay, well, one person did, but that song is on my myspace profile, so every time i log in, i listen to it, and it reminds me of that person, which, makes me happy. ^_^


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