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01-11-2004, 07:47 PM

I am almost to the edge. I feel like I have nowhere else to go. I never thought I would consider killing myself, buit it has gotten to that point. I have had a really hard year. My friend, and the only guy I ever loved (and still do) has a girlfriend he is really serious with (Austin... if you read this... I love you). I amnot a skinny twig, so I basically have no chance with any guy. My Dad is always gone, and my mom hits me and calls me names all the time. I started cutting myself on my arms, but I have nothing but short sleeved shirts, so I atarted cutting on my legs, hips, stomach... anyway.. I really need something... or someone to show they care. Ia m at the edge, and I feel like I am gonna fall over soon.


where do you go
what do you do
when you feel like the world
is beating down on you
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