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01-12-2012, 08:35 PM


Dear you(ii)
How weak to be sucked back into drugs again! After all we talked about, about choice! I wouldn't be holding them away from you if it wasn't for your imagined dependancy!!! We could live in multiple levels of existance all the time as long as we maintain control - which you are throwing away. Do you think I am stupid? You're using addiction as an easy excuse to deflect responsibility. What a dick doing this to me, I'm single and I am not! What's there to enjoy? All that faggotry complimenting ego stroking bollox? hahahahaha as if, I despise the whole business yet I'm surrounded by idiots the moment they sniff the air and realize you're off the scene a little. Ugh.

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Originally Posted by Voltaire
Courtesy of the convo between me and puff when my fingers spasmed:

no ****ing animals in ze jumbo non-balloon vehicle okay? asshole?

"Look down on me, you will see a fool
Look up at me, you will see your lord
Look straight at me, you will see yourself"

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