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My Other Half

Creation Date: 08-11-2007 08:49 PM

Yeah this is going to be my new internet diary so you'll be hearing a ton of crap you probably could care less about hearing here! If you want to learn more about how nerdy I am, what I hopeless romantic I am, how klutzy I am, and just more about me, this would be a great place to look. I love ya all!

Metaphor For My Life Right Now

Isn't it strange after so long of singing the harmonies...I can't remember how the melody of the song sounds alone? I can remember how it's supposed to sound together, the glorious and mysterious hum that comes when my notes are complimenting theirs. But I can't remember the other part without mine too....

Weird eh? Maybe it's a metaphor for my life. As I sit here eating nutella straight out o...


Jake's Birthday

Today, August 7th is Jake's birthday.

I've always had this strange ability to memorize strange details. To cram information and retain it for long periods of time. After being told his birthday once. I never forgot. It's kind of funny because I had to tell him it like three times before he got mine, but it's fine lol.

It's just been an interesting past few days.
I've been trying to think...


Those Three Words

And not the ones you think.

"I love you" I know that's what popped up in your head from the title.
Those words have been used too many times throughout eternity to mean as much as the three that were said to me the other day..

Firstly, I have to explain that my feeling of self worth has tumbled downhill day-in and day-out. It's hard for me to accept that I possess a lot of the qualities th...



I'm tired of being treated like I'm stupid.

I'm not stupid.

I know I did poorly on my AP exams..only passing the AP Lit exams, and failing all the other ones with glorious twos. I know I will never be anything in comparison to all of my friends who sit aroung earning A's as easily as they breathe. I know I'm not as smart as they are, but I am NOT stupid...

I retain bits of information th...


Boring Blog

Today was..weird.
Started out stressful. Since when I had come in to close on Saturday I was told that we have no ones. Well, there was nothing I could do, and my boss just told me to go to the bank today.

Funny story.
Banks are closed on Sunday.

So I was stressing about how to find ones. I ran and asked multiple shop owners if I could borrow ones, and all of them were reluctant to let me...



The dominance of one's thoughts or feelings...

Am I obsessed?
I don't know how many times in my life I have obsessed over something then. Sometimes I just sit there and think about it. Knowing that in doing so, I'm not getting any closer to successfully attaining whatever I'm thinking about. I waste my life mulling over the exact same concepts, the exact same ideas, the exact same...


I am a bitch.

It's strange.
I've been told that a lot lately. That I'm a *****. It's weird because, I don't mean to come off that way. Yeah I know I'm more bluntly honest than most people are, I tell people the truth and don't sugar coat things. But does that make me a bitch?

I mean...apparently none of my coworkers like me. Reed has told these little kids that come into the store a lot, that I'm a jerk an...


The Test

Everytime I think about when one goes to buy their first pregnancy tests, I see two scenes.

The first, is of a young adult woman, and her mother, rushing to the store, the mother making the experience much more dramatic than it needs to be, insisting on looking at each and every test to determine which are the best before piling all of them into a shopping basket, and buying them for her daug...


Spontaneous Night

Well tonight was interesting enough.
I guess it all began when I was on facebook and wrote on Alex's wall telling him I had had a strange dream about him last night...I would've typed about it on the internet there, but I didn't want to freak anyone out, and his and my relationship is hard to understand. Because we act like we're sexually and physically attracted to each other but we're not (he...


Thoughts on love...

I don't believe in love.

I've explained this to people many times before. Maybe I would believe in it more, if I actually had witnessed it in my life. My parents don't love each other. For the majority of my life, I was just waiting for the fight to tear them apart, waiting for their audible whispers to become raised voices shouting at each other. Waiting for them to end things.

I do remem...