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My Other Half

Creation Date: 08-11-2007 08:49 PM

Yeah this is going to be my new internet diary so you'll be hearing a ton of crap you probably could care less about hearing here! If you want to learn more about how nerdy I am, what I hopeless romantic I am, how klutzy I am, and just more about me, this would be a great place to look. I love ya all!


Fantastic date. *sings* I Kissed a Girl...

Sorry couldn't resist. And I suppose I do kiss and tell.

Well tonight was the dinner date that was determined to happen by Lindsay like 5 days ago. I had been telling her how bad at calculus I was and asked if she could tutor me. And she said she could but that she didn't come cheap. I sincerely asked her how much it would cost and she said a dinner and a movie date on Saturday.

And so the story begins.

So after frantic preparation Lindsay knocked on the apartment I let her in and went to get my purse/jacket and when I came back she had some orange daisies in her hands which is ADORABLE and so sweet...since she knows orange is my favorite color. She meets Aileen and they joke for a bit while I put the flowers in a vase and then Lindsay and I head off.

She ends up driving me to a really expensive Italian restaurant and makes me promise to let her pay for it. I wasn't very keen on this idea but then she allowed for me to pay for the movie ticket later (which I know wasn't NEARLY as expensive as the meal but at least I got her to concede on something). It was just great, it was fun talking with her and she kept saying how she wanted to make our first date special and how every other one would be Wendy's (which I don't mind in the slightest, at least I could pronounce their menu). But partway through the meal Lindsay made me promise that I would save room for and order a dessert. I really didn't want to but she wasn't very lenient on the matter so she made me get a dessert too (which was delicious yet unnecessary).

Then we went to see Alice in Wonderland and I really enjoyed the movie (even though I still haven't seen the original animated version which probably would've added a lot more to it). Pretty uneventful either than being a nice movie. Haha

Then we drove back to her place and Lily (the dog she's watching) was fast asleep and snoring. We ended up watching and partially playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire reruns and then we ended up stumbling upon a gymnastics meet. She proceded to tickle me and then we cuddled and critiqued the girls. Afterwards we had a sort of blanket pillow fight that resulted in both of us being dishevelled and our hair just being utterly ridiculous.

Then we just had a fun time of cuddling, play fighting, talking, watching gymnastics, and finally I just went for it and kissed her. And it was fantastic! Afterwards we spent about another hour or so just talking about life and teasing each other.

She even picked me up at one point and held me steadily and kissed me and walked around with me. It was so shocking to witness how strong she was and so refreshing and nice feeling. It made me feel light and beautiful....

It was really cute when between kisses/making out we would stop to say how much we despised each other and hated the kisses and such. It was just so fun and playful. I loved it to death and I could tell she did too.

It was just a fantastic date and I could tellshe really didn't want me to leave but I didn't want to stay and have her see me in the morning with horrible mak eup remnants etc. But honestly I felt like I was treated like a queen.

Lindsay is just such a sweet girl...she's totally smart, witty, powerful, thoughtful, attentive, sexy, soft......I don't even know. It's just crazy how well I click with her. I definitely loved this date and I want to have many more with her.

And this probably doesn't make much sense because it's 5AM and I'm exhausted but I needed to tell someone about it because that's how I am.

I liked it.
-xoxox Tori

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#1 posted 03-28-2010 04:04 AM by Rubyslipperslg

I'm happy for you! Yep, just e