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Something random

Creation Date: 08-19-2007 01:14 PM

it might not make sense, but hey. nothing in my life ever does.

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Hate to say i told you so!

haha... sssoooo... i think i asked myself what would happen the next time i post. well i quit smokin pot thats what.
I mean... Of course its not addictive cos its not really a drug. M.j is all about choice and ppl that think thats not true are idiots of course, but eh... i mean... for some odd reason i just dont feel like i want to anymore. and considering that i use to think of it as a crutch for dealing with my problems, i didnt think i would stop so suddenly. Its not as If my problems went away, and other then me starting a new job nothing has changed either. i guess the older you get the more your just like fu*k it. Being by myself doesnt bother me as much as it use to, and even the way i interact with ppl is just... the same, but clearer thinking. I randomly found a bruise on my leg this moring and for the life of me i can not think of where it came from. i didnt hit my leg on anything and as far as im concerned no1 else did it, so im like where the EFF did it come from. this doesnt seem normal, to have random bruises on your body and not know where they came from. i've read some stuff online, but none of it seems accurate. i guess i wont worry about it. Im Re-Reading the mortal instrument series and i never thought that getting older would make me not like that book. i mean... its ok, but i guess now that im smarter i can see though the story line rather then be amazed at the foreign languages and all the big words. i love writing tho. i've always wanted to publish a book of my own but i guess you need a **** ton of creativity for that i think, other wise who's to say your an amazing writer? they wont, they'll just be like been there done that.
im sleepy as heck and tired too, but as always sleep wont come easy. and i've been trying not to use anything for sleep aid, but maybe i should. or maybe i should just stop thinking i should and stop worrying about weather or not i get enough sleep. anywho i guess i should try. goodnight.

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