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shadow_girl's Blog

Creation Date: 06-05-2008 05:05 PM

ok i am new here and i found this site by my friend bear377.....so if you have anything to say i can help you out alot.

I'm sorry that we're best friends,
For forever til' the end.
I'm sorry I'm not good enough,
To be your girlfriend.
I'm sorry I love you so much,
That I long to feel your touch.
I'm sorry you won't even give me a chance,
As I feel I'm in a rut.
I'm sorry you feel nothing for me,
You've broken my heart as you can see.


for you my girl from another world

dear, tara'


hey babie i just wanted to start by saying >!~ that we have been thrue alot to gether>!~and im glad me and you can poll it thru i love you girl so much you have no muther ****ing idea>!~ like it drive's me crazy i mean sometime's i sit in my room and just remenince about all the time's we shared there's not a moment in the world i regert about>!~ us i love being around you>!~ i like to know what ur feeling just by looking at you i know what ur thinking how ur feeling what drive's you crazy the thing's you do to me drive me up the wall but in a very good way babie no joke>!~ you made me really see how a girlfriend is spos to be and i thank you for showing me>!~i know i show you new thing's everyday>!~ and i know you thank me for that to>!~

i mean ur en awesome girl and im proud to say ur mine you know>!~ i love tellling ppl that ur mine>!~ and it really doess felll goood to say you know>!~ and i think you will agree with me babie>!~i mean we get in to fight's but babie>!~ you know we would'nt alway's be fighting if we were together you know face to face>!~ even if we were we would'nt fight like we do >!~ cuz you know we love being together you know and i love being with you>!~ i mean sure en acasonle fight here and ther but nothing that bad we fight becasue we need to be with eacother>!~ we need to be close other wise we get scared>!~ about eachother you know>!~i mean i can't say much and this is not much but>!~

girl i really want you to know i love you to death>!~ you are my ****ing world and im glad it's you and no one els because no one ever has shown me the thing's you show me>!~ you show me respect and you think about me>!~first you know im not use to that at all>!~ i don't even no how a girlfriend should be>!` babie you really are my first relasionship>!~ and i want it to work the best >!~ i know it may not be forever but it's ok to think that way here and there you know hun>!~i mean i think about you all day everyday >!~ like today 8-1-08 i was playing my game and i just could'nt stop thinking of you like>!~ just the way you kissed me was amazing and i really did'nt relize it till than>!~ you make me so happpie just by that kiss i know you love me>the loook you make when i want to kiss you it kill's me like no jok......the look where you look at me and say what>!~ and than i kiss you>!~ it is really hot to think of it and i was thinking bout it alot today>!~ i just could'nt stop smileing babie you make me sooo ****ing happpie and i can't even start to say that you don't cuz you do babie

you make me smile when im sad or just sick and you really know how to make me laugh nobody ever make's me laugh like that>!~ babie...you are the most greatfull person i have meat and i would'nt change it for the world hunnie>!~>!~ you really are the love of my life girl>!~ you mean so much to me>!~ omg word's can't explaine it no joke>!~ i mean we may fight but really it's cuz we are not wit eachother>!` it's cuz i don't talk to you#1 and than not