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Creation Date: 05-14-2008 08:49 PM
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  #42 You are subscribed to this entry  New 08-04-2008 02:20 PM
so far this year one of the best things I found out was my parents were getting a divorce,
i cant ****ing stand my dad,
but now he wants the house and 50/50 custody,
im just so pissed because,
i dont want to be anywhere near him.
im actually repulsed by his presence,
and he is the exact oposite of me,
we can't talk,
every conversation we have becomes some huge debate that ends in him just basically telling me that my opinion doesn't matter, I should just shut up, I'm not really even a person because I'm not 18, and that i should just try to conform and be like everyone else and basically ditch all my beliefs, morals, opinions, and ideas.
**** him,
**** that,
i will ****ing go insane if i have to live with him,
and he's so ****ing uptight,
all he cares about is work and propriety,
and "the principles of things"
we ****ing clash,
i cannot stand him,
i just want to live with my mom,
then when i'm "of age" or whatever move out and never ****ing talk to him again.
i just want him to ****ing just let me be who i am and not try to turn me into some,
maitrenly housewife who is all conservative and blends in.
**** THAT!
no way,
just why cant he give up on me?
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#1 08-05-2008 01:02 PM
Well, actually you have to share custody with him im not sure how your process will be but if you talk to a mediator you can tell them you don't to be with your dad. If your 16 they don't even ask why