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bekkles's Blog

Creation Date: 04-01-2008 03:06 PM


I cried, at last.

Terrible timing tho. I was with friends... it was raining... we were walking to the tram stop from school... My friend who I've been ranting at late has been subject to these weird moods lately and it affects me terribly, so I was feeling bad... staring at the ground as I walked, thinking how easily I could just let go... sink to the ground, lie in the rain, and slowly float away, just like going to sleep or something... looking around at the life that surrounded me, and thinking how I didn't belong, how I could never enjoy any of it... and I allowed a few tears to moisten my eyes (without being too obvious about it and drawing attention). And then when I got off the tram and went to my bus stop I let it all out. (Helped that the bus driver was a bastard and my ticket expired 10 minutes before i got there and tears were necessary to get on the bus).

But basically, it felt good. And I've been able to manage my melancholy since.

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Comments (1)

#1 posted 08-18-2008 05:31 PM by the_dead_romantic

well, i dont know what to say i wish that i could cry