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Deadly_kizz's Blog

Creation Date: 03-30-2008 06:22 AM


The EX factor

So ive hade 3 serious bfs nuffin wrng with that realy accept all have ****** me around

So the first guy ASHLEY yer great my first bf and that we went out 4 times

1st time was great for the first 2-3 months accept the whole deal with his best mate jack we hated eachother and it was the only thing that came between me and ash. But then my best mate came into the picture and it all went wrong she was **** stiring and sayin ash was bitching about me and being the mug i am i believed her and that was that, i rang up Ash and ended it.

(between the first and 2nd time of me and ash going out my best mate alice and him went out, this ended me up in tears every night and sometimes duran school for about 3 weeks)

2nd time with ash well i was just sitin at home when he rang begging for me back i duno why but i aggread, it was a sunday and i woke up the next morning puking i was off for a whole week and didnt speak to him for this whole week. on the saurdai he rang me up saying he hade met someone on his paper round and sorry but it was over. But guess who it was yes ALICE.

3erd time we hade a break from eachother for bout 2 months then went back out in secret i didnt even tell my closest mates to stop alice from finding out. After 3 months i dumped him cuz i fort we werent woking out (we hardly saw eachother).

4th i must admit this was the best1 but after 4 months ash deicied we suld go on a break i didnt wat to so that was it end of it.

2nd serious bf JACK

Me and jack were realy close and we lastest 10 months (2 more days and 11 months) he did **** me round a few times that ive found out resently i was mad bout this boy but we hade problems and i dumoed him then after a day i coludnt take it no more and askd for him back he agreed. I was soooo happy but after a week i got a txt from my best mate holly saying something realy bad hade happend and she needed to talk to me i didnt have any cred so i fort id talk to her in school the nxt morning. Got to school and she told me jack said we were over i cried for 2 hours none stop and ended up cutting myself later on that night. 2 days after i sat down with jack to talk about it it toke me an hour to get it out of him but he sed he didnt love me anymore. I was ripped to peaces and couldnt stand i was crying so bad.

3erd and the most serious of them all CHRIS

I met this guy 4 days after spliting up with jack and 3 weeks later i was going out with him i know now i rushed into things, i wasnt ready i was still getting over jack (it took me 3 months to get over jack). Chris was different he treated me right and showered me with love =] it was great. He wasnt a virgin but i was, he was my first time, after 3 months of going out with him i was ready. For the first 5 months it was like skipping on air but then it all went rong. My mum split up with her bf and we had to sell the house. We ended up living with my grandad for 2 months, then we moved agen to essexs. I was relay upset cuz i was so far away from Chris and my friends but still he made the effort to come see me all the time. Then we started arguing. We would have blazing argument over silly little things. After 8 months he asked if we could go on a break (3 days after my 16th dai) then 2 dais later he ended it. I was deverstated, heartbroken, lost ect. then 2 days later he was with someone else. 9 MONTHS AND HE WAS OVER ME