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Open Wounds's Blog

Creation Date: 02-22-2008 03:56 PM


the first

Well this is my first blog. I guess writing things out will always help, or at least it should. So I've writen millions of things on paper, but maybe I should let other people know what I'm going through. I guess I have to start at the beginning... [well the short story of my life]
Well my parents are divoced... but my mom remarried.. i wont go into that
my mom was a major partyier and it wasnt the greatest thing int he world. one night she didnt come home because she was in a car accident and it scared the **** outta me.. but that didnt stop me for getting involved with drinking and smoking [not drugs]
when my mom was drinking and all that, we didnt live with my stepfather.. we moved away because he wanted her to stop... after the