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Creation Date: 01-16-2008 10:50 AM


Wow, really?

I had almost forgotten about this place. I can't believe I've been a member for nearly THREE years now! haha.
I regret leaving everyone here. I know I never had any close friends here or anything, but everyone here was always so friendly and helpful. It's sad to see that this place seems to have lost all of the activity it had "back in the day" because it's such an amazing place.




I feel like a complete failure. For the past week or so I've been doing so well with eating only [edit] calories (or less) a day. And today I ate AT LEAST [edit], if not more.
I can't believe I've let myself get this out of shape.
How did this happen? How did I become so...huge. I mean, I'm 5'9, 16 years old, and [edit] pounds. It's RIDICULOUS. I'm the biggest girl at my school, actually.
I see all of these sk...


haha Wow.

I just look through my old blog. My very first one.
It's amazing how much I have changed.

I'm no longer a "hardass", ahah, and I don't type like a three year old on speed. I'm one of the friendliest people you will ever meet.
I'm 16 now, and I'm like a completely different person. I'm planning on going to college for Web Design. I love photography, and any type of art.
The only bad thing ...


I'm Back (:

I totally forgot my old password ahaha. So yeah I'm finally back after 3 months. I made an account last night and I never got the activation email thing, so I made another one and I didn't get the email for that either..Hmm..So yeah, Ignore those. I doubt anyone even remembers me haha. But yeah...



yea. you shook me all night long XD

today was amazazing <3

i got so many postive sigs in my yearbook! everyone was being all nice.

you have no idea how much this means to me
i thot everyone hated me.
i guess im just paranoid...




so my best friend would be james martin b.
better known as marty
hes the first guy who has ever treated me with respect, not like im a monster, or like im going to eat him or attack him
i like him
and he told me he liked me, over myspace in march
and i told him i liked him back

but he doesnt want to go out with me
it kills me
everyone says that we would look SOO cute together


yep yep..

things are still going well
dont have much to say
havnt been on here in quite awhile..
i did cut yesterday
because me and my mom got in a fight over going to my friends house..
and i razor burned my leg
it still hurts ='[

i was doing so well..
it had been about 5 weeks..
and i screwed up
im such a failure =[


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sooo yea =D

im doing so well
i havnt cut in well over 5 weeks..
im so proud of myself

people are being nicer to me
i feel like im being accepted into this world finally
nobody has really made fun of me lately
and me and my best friend are friends again after 3 weeks
my mom and i havnt fought at home so i havnt been able to get to my blade..
iv lost almost 10 lbs in 2 weeks
im doing my school work ...


degrassi and family guy made me who i am now

i dont know where to start. so i guess ill start at the beginning...

so. on november 29 1993 i was born and named jennifer elyse cuny. everything was perfect from there on out. i had alot of friends, people liked me and my mom and dad were together.
but when i was 9, my parents got a divorce, and my mom started verbally abusing me when i was 11. and my dad died on..lets call it "valentines e...

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you used to be my best friend. we grew up together. we cried together and we shared secrets, even though you told mine. your truly retarded. seriously. now you lie so much, i dont think even you know the truth anymore. youv always lied to me and your girlfriend. your the most fukced up girl in the world. i dont know why i ever talked to you. you came to my house, and destr...