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a kid named Jimmy

Creation Date: 09-20-2007 11:10 AM

some clever title

Okay. So yesterday was not to good of a day.

I did not have fun at work. The rumors are spreading faster. We were all cleaning and I asked LC how to get this gunk of the shelves. He said he uses razors and windex. (I can hold a razor without wanting to cut, especially if I am cleaning.) I asked if he could lend me one and he left. Couple of minutes later JN and LC where laughing and JN looked ...



Okay, so I haven't cut since Thursday.

But its odd.

I feel like I just don't need too.

Maybe because I have been more social. I went out to eat with AF and LK Friday, and AF Saturday.

I did lose my wallet and had to cancel my cards, that did stress me out and you think I would have. Damn even my parents though I would. My checked my wrist and kept coming in my room to make sure I didn...




Yesterday was interesting.

I had to skip another class to bleach my under shirts.

Then I went to a store to buy another one and keep it in my car just in case.

I ended up hanging out at church about 2 hours before mass. There I was able to watch the new Sweeney Todd trailer. And I geek-ed out.

Then something very interesting happened. Two girls were by me talking. I wasn't l...




So I have actually had a good time for the past two days.

I skipped my first class.

The couple of nights ago I ended up cutting a little too deep. It keep bleeding the next day at a slow rate. I got it to stop on my way to work. But I needed a bandaid still. I didn't want a big one so I waited until I got to work to use on of the smaller ones. I forgot about it for about an hour. T...


Need Better Titles


So after days of being stressed out over Math Finite I got my grade for my mid-term back. 83 I am very happy with that.

Also I had a bad day Sunday. I got all mad and angry at work ended up being rude to AF which I regret because she is nothing but nice to me. I ended up cutting pretty bad...

I went to see my therapist Monday. I guess it went okay. She didn't fuss at me for cuttin...


two much stuff for one day

Okay so I went to therapy for the first time.

It was okay I guess. I have never talked about myself so much before. I don't know if my theripist is going to last just becasue it was only the first meeting. But being a self injurier they what to see me every week no matter what, IIf I can make it I have to reschedule.

Apparently though, I am depressed. She told me that. I was amazed that she...


Random complaints


I hate school.

I hate mid-terms.

I have to write an essay on Helen Keller, study for a Math Finite Mid-term, and start on a "chapter" of my life. (something I have gone through that has changed me.)

I start therapy Friday which makes me very nervous. I can't even say what I think so how am I suppose to open up to a complete stranger?

I still have not called my ex back. I ...



Eh.....yesterday was interesting to say the least.

Had my Biology mid-term

I got a call from my ex saying we need to talk...I still have not called him back.

I got to work only to find out that there are rumors spreading about me. But I don't really care. I have dealt with it before.

My mom all of a sudden changed her mind and now I am going to therapy. We had a talk about it this mor...


Something Bad

Yesterday was not good. (may be triggering)

My manager was a total jackass. He is a diva had just had it out for me. He really got to me to. I didn't cry but I did tear up which made me incredibly angry. I started to claw at my upper back. I knew that some self-medication would help. I did get over it in a couple of minutes and blew it off. He on the other hand was holding a grudge.

His boy...


Something Good


So yesterday my very, very good friend came in town.

We went to high school together and I can say that he is the reason I am alive. I owe him so much and he is as close to my heart as someone can get. (Its only a friend type thing, he is gay)

We got through high school together with a couple of others people and we are all very close. We are all different and have different view...