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a kid named Jimmy

Creation Date: 09-20-2007 11:10 AM


haven't been on here in forever.

But I have been cut free for a year. Something I never thought possible.

Once I stopped cutting it was easier to be happy.


Been a while

Man has it been a while.

I haven' been here since oct 07. I have been on another site that does not focus on quitting.

Since I have been gone so long I guess I will post an update.

Since October to march I kept cutting. To the point of passing out, then I was told I had to stop because I was getting n too deep. So I did for a month. Now I am back at it with that same risk thrown at me....


One day I will come up with a great title


So I guees not too much has happened since I last posted

I hung out with AF saturday after work. We went to hooters and it was pretty good.

Today I went to work as I always do. Alot of people did not show up so there was alot os swiching around. I work in a new but same area. I liked it. Also my manager wasn't there. I noticed how much better the day was just because of that.

I h...


what to do today


For the first time ever church made me feel a little better.

I ended up going out to eat with AF and LK. It was okay

I still feel a little hopeless

I am going to take my mom to the Doctor today. I haven't told anyone about it...but her cancer came back. She has to get some tests done and then I think I will take her out to eat or something.

She has to get a surgery.

And w...


Back where I was years ago.


Work was bad last night. And not because of a stupid customers. I was actually all over that place in the beginning. Helping people out. I even made a big sale. I was feeling good.

But then for some ****ed up reason I started to think to much. I started to think about the past. I couldn't stop thinking about certain things and had to go on break to "release" those feelings, thought, o...


A trip to hel and back


I am writing this Monday at around 5-6. I am in my car with my parents driving. We are coming back from Walt Disney World….which my parents are addicted to. So a lot has happened since I wrote a real blog. Some I will write about, some I won’t.

I am reading “A Bright Red Scream” I like it so far. I am also reading “Girl, Interrupted” which is also good but very different from the movie...


I'm a fake

"I'm A Fake"

Small, simple, safe price
Rise the wake and carry me with all of my regrets
This is not a small cut that scabs, and dries, and flakes, and heals
And I am not afraid to die
I'm not afraid to bleed, and ****, and fight.
I want the pain of payment
What's left, but a section of pigmy size cuts
Much like a slew of a thousand unwanted ****s
Would you be my little cut?
Would y...


I want to go to sleep.


Well I can't sleep. Which is no big surprise because I never sleep when I cut. I will never forget one Easter in 9 th grade when I hadn't sleept for a couple of days and some of my relatives came in at like 3am and I cant remember if I was about to cut or already did. But i was in a "day" outfit and everything and answered the door, made them coffee.

It is considered normal for me to ...


This is Really Long...

I haven't written since Thursday.

Nothing really happened Friday. Just therapy and shopping with my mom. (who kept trying to get me to try on things) She got me 3 pairs of shoes for my birthday which was very nice. I also loved the cool weather. Later at home I fell alsleep at 2ish and slept till 10. So I finally got some sleep. Only thing is, sleep makes me very hyper.

Saturday was a littl...


My Back Hurts


I finished my paper. I don't think I will do that well on it though. Maybe a B. Hopefully.

Not much has happened. Pretty uneventful. I have to study all day and night for my midterm tomorrow. I hate college. I wish I could be a bum.

Someone will be happy to hear this but I have not cut in a week. I did play with a needle but that was out of boredom and I didn't get anything from it...

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