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Teenage Drama Queen

Creation Date: 08-13-2007 05:40 PM

To escape criticism - do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. ~ Elbert Hubbard


Worst Day, Like, Ever

I donít actually know the date, or I'd put it here.. :\ Itís some time in August. Ooh, and itís Saturday night/Sunday morning. Thatís as much as I know, haha! Well, give me a break I'm in the middle of my Summer Holidays right now, so I don't keep track.

Iím so excited to be doing this! Hehehehe.

Eek, sorry guys, I bet I seem like a right nut job?

Itís 3am UK time, and I havenít slept properly for about a week so Iím not exactly sane at the mo! ;P

I don't actually know anyone on here well, at all, cos, like, I only joined up, well, I dunno, not long ago. So, Iím gonna go from you guys not knowing a thing about me, to knowing way more than youíd care to! ;P I have a slight tendency to absolutely bare my soul to complete strangers. So, here goes. Hehe!

Hmm, I dunno why I'm all hyper actually. Iím starting to think that I make myself hyper to cover up how crap I feel. Does that make sense? Probably not, but Iím not all that bothered anyway.

Iíve had like the worst day ever. Letís see..

After 10hours sleep (though it did nothing and I felt like I hadnít slept at all) I woke up at 1pm. I thought, oh, okay, Iíll go on the computer. You know, MSN a few people, all that business. So I get downstairs and the computer will not let me on the internet. You see, we have the dodgiest internet connection in all the world, and it just randomly kicks me off for hours at a time. So, I was sat bored out of my mind until it came on (I refused to move out of pure principle) and I finally got on at 4:30!! 3 Ĺ hours later!

Then, Iíd been online for all of ten minutes and mum decided she wanted to go on. And when my mum wants something she gets it. so I was kicked off.

And then we went shopping because I need new shoes for my holiday (next week Ė Iím terrified. Iíve gotta wear a bikini. I dunno if Iíll manage it...) and new school trousers. Shoes are fine, I love shoes and shopping for them is ace, especially when Iím not paying! But then we got to the trousers. I was totally distraught because Iíve gone up a size. That may make me sound really vain, but, to be honest, Iíve never been in any way skinny, and at the moment Iím doing all I can to eat normally. Everyone told me Iíd be fine and everything, but Iím gaining weight... Whatís going on there? I mean, itís not really an incentive for me to eat properly, is it?? Because, I was NEVER under-weight or anywhere near it, so itís not like I need to put the weight on.

Anyway, after that, I just kinda mooched about, mum was on the computer again, so I still couldnít get on. I finally got online at like, 7:30 or something. I was well annoyed. I then went on to have the longest rant in the history of all rants to one of my friends. She did what she could to help, but I was totally off in my own thoughts.

And now itís 3:15, and Iím doing everything I can to keep myself awake. Because when I go to bed, Iíll go ďdingĒ and be wide-awake. And then Iíll lay there thinking only of wanting to cut and stuff. Ė And I havenít for over a week, which may sound like nothing, but itís a big thing for me!

Thing thatís about it. Sorry if this made no sense at all - though I'd be surprised if anyone has read as far as this, lol!

Emma xxx

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Comments (5)

#1 posted 08-14-2007 05:23 AM by alexa

Hi Emma! Awww i wish i could go back to school were things were just so much much more secure and less scary plus i love shopping! Thats weird my MSN kicks me off all the time it likes to do that when i am right in the middle of a convo Blah i hate it

#2 posted 08-14-2007 07:16 AM by Secrets&&Lies

Hi! I want to go back to school! But I don't, cos, there, it's easier for not eating, & that's not good.. But I'm, like, totally dying of boredom, and I got another 2weeks to go! Shopping rocks! Who doesn't love shopping? ;P &, yeah, mine kicks me off half way through a rant, which just makes me more angry! BTW - Sorry, I said it was the worst day, but nothing happened.. I just felt crap - it was more me in a bad mood & stuff getting to me, than a bad day.. If that makes sense..

#3 posted 08-14-2007 12:20 PM by alexa

awe yeah well i am glad that you are going back cuz you need to eat to be healthy ...and plus boredom SUCKS yeah i always feel bad cuz it kicks me off when i am trying to help some one then they get sad cuz they think i just didnt respond...it makes me fustrated some times its ok i know exactly how you feel...i have had a crappy week cuz of my stupid emotions *sigh* i hate them

#4 posted 08-14-2007 02:28 PM by Secrets&&Lies

Yeah, I've had a pretty crap week too. Emotions suck. We should just, like, not have them.. ever. That'd be nice. =D

#5 posted 08-15-2007 05:11 AM by alexa

It would i would give anything right now not to feel them...i feel like i am mopeing around FTI