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Creation Date: 10-15-2007 03:58 AM

The Title should be "The Adventures of Delilah Rose" but that was too long

Well it's just the life and times of...well me Delilah Rose…okay really it's just a place for me to whine about my life and all the people I know. So enjoy.

Oh and P.S. none of the names are true…everything else is just…oh and locations names might be lies…but I don’t think I’ll mention them


Number Two

Today SUCKED! This was one of the worst days of my life. I’m not exaggerating, I over slept and MISSED my first ever university midterm! My Sociology midterm started at ten and I rolled out of bed at TEN-TWENTY! Did I have only one midterm today? Oh no I had two...back-to-back... at eleven-thirty when I finally arrived at school I couldn’t go talk to my prof because I had to go write another one. After a less than stellar performance on my Canadian Politics midterm I had to go beg my Sociology prof to let me write my midterm. Which she did, I of course cried like a baby while talking to her. She said she had a class in half an hour, so I should come back when it ended to write the test.

So off I head to where my friends hang out to study. I sat there and read my notes, in my panic to leave the house I forgot my textbook and only had my notes. My useless notes! Then my best friend Gwen came and sat with us, I’m now starting to question why I’m friends with her. She starts question me about sleeping in. She just kept going on and on, eventually she said “See, that’s not fair you missed your midterm and now you’re getting extra studying time”. To which I replied, “Well isn’t it great that you’re not in that class and this has no effect on your life at all”. So then ten minutes before my midterm (that I am already super stressed about due to the fact I missed it) my “best friend” says, “There’s no need to be such a bitch”.

Needless to say I had a lot on my mind during the midterm and didn’t do so well. Then I ran to find Jakob so he could take me home. I hate today. It sucked.

Delilah Rose

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