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the real me

Creation Date: 04-08-2008 01:47 PM

my place to write things I can't even tell my friends


random much? =s

last night I finally received a compliment from my dad D= seriously that's an huge effort of him.. I said that I needed to lose weight because I was getting chubby again and he just said that I shouldn't.. normally he complains about me eating too much rubbish, but lately he's like: your wrists are so tiny o.o'
I won't start dieting or excessive excercise because for me those are dangerous. just some push-ups 'n situps x3 no harm in those xD

parents are being mean though.. they won't let me go to england on my own.. said I can only go within NL on my own. so it's either a grouptrip or on my own in nl (boring much?) however... curacao is also a part of nl

I'm coming to a close study wise.. it's either study japanese with little possibility of studying korean along side of it. or study korean with japanese. this are the options for now.. dunno what else =s either way it's going to be a challenge.

2 months and 3 days without cutting that's the score xD go me~! (had to look it up =s yeah I'm keeping tabs otherwise I forget)

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Comments (6)

#1 posted 05-10-2009 04:13 PM by Seishin

KonNichi Wa Kyrena .Hey you should hug your farther and say thank you, for the compliment then he may say more compliments. How many push ups and sit ups can you do? Well england is a big small place so you should get some groupies it's more safe. Well done kyrena in not cutting.

#2 posted 05-10-2009 10:50 PM by kyrena

ohayo gozaimasu~ x3 I'm trying to build up the exercises. I used to do 100 sit-ups a day, but now I'm back at doing 30 sit-ups, 30 push-ups and 60 leg lifts. Can't do major push-ups though.. my wrists are not strong enough yet. I think the whole going to england thing is to show that I can manage on my own and that I'm still here. I'm glad I never cut deep, I have some scars still but unless I tell no one will notice them. I hope they won't go away though I need the reminder ^^

#3 posted 05-11-2009 10:43 AM by Seishin

Whats is a major push-up? Are you a male? for your amounts seem way high, and for some reason your personality is shown in these blogs as being quite femmine. Have you explained to your parents about the england thing, for they might change their minds. Yeah scars are quite nice to look at, and they always come with history.

#4 posted 05-13-2009 06:51 AM by kyrena

it's just a normal push-up.. my grammar isn't always that great ^^; I'm a girl. I spread the exercises over 4h or more and in sets of 60 so it's not that much I think.. =s I always start doing exercise when I think I'm getting out of shape xD; yeah I have talked to them. I don't think my dad cares all that much only my mum is making a big deal about it not being safe and stuff. Maybe its a mum thing xD

#5 posted 05-13-2009 06:51 AM by kyrena

I always think that imperfections are a sign of character x3 like my friends.. their lives aren't perfect nor are their characters but I love them more because of it =s if that ma