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Open Wounds's Blog

Creation Date: 02-22-2008 03:56 PM



things that i wrote during school
this week and last week!

one... dont know when i wrote it
i think the 19th or something
Oh my ****ing gosh. I need to do it really bad. Kelsey is making everything about her, again. When I ened her or sumbody. I know I'm trying to seem like I dont care. I really do though. Way to much. And it hurts to know that he doesnt really care al all. I 'm shaking really bad and I need it. I cant keep it up. I cant take it anyymore. I know he sees it. Me shaking and sumtimes staring at my arm [his intials being carved on it] I hate sitting in this effin class. It gives me to much time to think about all this. I need him to be t here but I guess I'm not good en