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06-25-2005, 01:53 AM
The Tragic Lost Cause

The tragic lost cause, the one who didnít speak
She gave her life away
The day she turned it off
The day she turned off all the pain that was running in her
The pain that she let it build
The pain she put like the building blocks
The blocks those build their lives with
She muttered to herself with those blocks of life

I'm getting back at you for everything you said
I'm going to make you pay
It isn't all your fault
But Iíll let my blind eye be the judge of that
I can look at anything just the way I want
If your going to hurt me Iíll hurt myself just so you can watch me the next day
Iíll be the one in blood
With my razor next to me
And a note that wont say anything
And my dying words I utter
Just to spite you even though I know deep down
Even though I know
That being you isn't always easy
ďYou hurt meĒ

The tragic lost cause would laugh with herself
She let herself believe
That being bare was better than the tatters that she lived
That hopelessness was her life not the blocks that she had held
Unknown to her of how it became
She let herself turn it off and hoped with her meaningless note they would see
They would see the irony of being her, the irony of being me

Pretence or is it real or just unforgivable actions with undesirable consequences

Maybe you donít want me to get it
Maybe itís easier for you if I donít
That way you can be sad all you want
Saying that I donít get it
I can blame now, itís easier to cry easier to be upset just pretending itís all because they donít get it
Yeh you shove it in their faces
Practice makes perfect, why practice if no ones perfect
Sock it to them
To be as near perfection as you can be?
I knew you would cross when it was green
Because you know I get you
The difference is all in ones head
I'm missing you from where I am
I placed myself in a place darker then the hole that keeps emptying
It empties when it realises that life isnít too bad
It for some unknown reason cant let that be
Maybe it makes it easier to play along being down
Or not
I'd like to be perfect
That way you wouldnít be missed
Because we'd both be on one side of the road
No lights not messages no poetry no empty holes
Iíd be reading inside a car with the light above me flickering but never dieing out
The way life is supposed to be
Or maybe it isnít
Who keeps that knowledge hidden from the world?

Write back from the lucky place your in
From the place where I reside, choosing to keep myself here, pretending I see no way out.

06-25-2005, 12:21 PM
Wow u have a real talent with words

06-26-2005, 01:11 AM
I agree with Get over it. Keep posting, you're excellent! :)

06-26-2005, 04:40 PM
thankyou lots.