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10-16-2004, 07:24 PM
okay well here we go....

this might sound stupid but here we go....

well i met this guy over the internet he was really really sweet understood my problem really fun to hang with, and whatever then wow a couple of months of gushy hapiness crap over the itnernet ( yes i know how dumb) well anywayz then all hell broke loose, his brother died in Iraq ( supposely) and i treid to comfort him the most i couldbut then he suppolssly showed a picture to one of his classamtes and that he was going to shoot my bf ( at the time) but his friend jumped in front of him and took the bullet remember SUPPOSELLY. then i just couldn't take ti because he was about to commit suicide while my parents were putting me thought alot of problems and i was just hvaing issues with everybody on top of him trying to commit suicide so after he stopped the whole sucidide thing i just couldn't take him and the problems at home so i stopped going online becauce he wasn't helping me at all. So u know i took my alone time made a new account so he couldn't talk to me and after a couple months later i was alright noticing that we has my problem, but then of course why should i be happy he send me various emails telling me how one of us is going to die soon how much he hated me alive that he didn't want me and other sh*t, but i did ( warning may sound stupid) i really did get attached to him and i did actualy love him so being the gullible fool i am send him a poem describing how sry i was to make huim hurt and that he finds another girl better than me bla bla bla. And so i gave hm my new account if he wanted to talk to me and so being the fools we are forgave eachother. I though of course i dont' know why that everything was goign to be just like it was all muhsy and crap oh wow how i am dumb i was just an accersorie to him not being of any importance he would barley talk to me let alone even say hi or the occasional i love u or even just a simple babe, f that just a fing goodbye, i didn't want to go thorugh all the drama AGAIn so i didn't break it off instead.... one day he gets on whatever i say hi we say the sup thing bla bla and then he starts calling me a hoe, a homosexual, a sissy, and other stuff that i shutter to llist down that made me feel like sh*t, sooo crying ( don't ask me why) i told him that he doesn't like me anymore i guess and couldn't take him and blocked him, then to my suprise i'm feeling like crap, and then i get an im i'm thinking its still my ex and so i start umm using profanity but turns out it was his friend that SUPPOSELY died, by this time i am on fire and start asking question and am really confused, turns out wow what a suprise right when his friend dumped me he decides to magically raise from the grave, turns out he SUPOSSLY faked his own death, and i just can't take it, and so right now i feel like sh*t everytime i hear his favorite band i shutter, everytime i hear "our song" i cry every freaking mention of suicide gets me going mad I HATE HIM FOR DOING THIS TO ME I HATE MYSEKLF FOR BEING SUCH A f**kED UP STUPID GULLIBLE RETARD I HATE THE WAY I STILL CAN"T GET HIM AWAY FROM M MIND I HATE HIM FOR TORUIGN MY SOUL I HATE MYSELF I HATE MYSELF I HATE MYSELF FOR BEING THE STUPID IDIOT THAT I AM

sorry for the toture i just put u thorugh making u hear my stupid actions well there u go...

10-16-2004, 07:40 PM
-_- :( -_- :( sorry u went through that hun.... and i know its hard but try to just forget about him.. im here 4 ya ;)

10-16-2004, 08:01 PM
hey, don't be too hard on yourself. everybody commits mistakes. on the good side, at least the lies are over now. let this be a lesson for you... and don't be too trusting, specially over the net. :)

you'll be okay.

only in dreams
10-17-2004, 12:31 PM
no more internet relationships! forget about that creep...