View Full Version : Symbolic Orange Leaves

10-04-2004, 01:19 PM
The orange leaves where no help. Today i was sat there in french * shudder * and i got moved from Pengirl, whos name turns out to be Jess. Im sitting next to someone i can talk too now.. well not personal feelings, but someone you can have a decent conversation with whilst they dont attack you with a pen.. yes the rare kind.. :blink: I wanted to go back to see Tulilly * but i didnt have the courage. it is never going to work so why do i keep thinking of her? Because im a fool thats why! Godlord, shes the only person i have ever looked at and thought " Up above has really created something beautiful!" And well.. he did Tulilly * ( ha, i love that name.. ) but im too scared to go back. dont ask me why i just always get this feeling inside of me. i almost didnt go to see her the other day but my friend pulled me to see her. we had to walk around the block twice before i finally had the courage to go up to her and say hi. maybe if i ever get over her then we will finally be able to talk without me going red or mumbling something pathetic like " where are your cool boots?" Im serious, i actually said that. Tulilly looked at me a little funny but i think she took it as a sarcastic comment even though i think her boots make her legs look perfectly slender.. :unsure: look at me ramblling.. im using up precious webspace.. sorry everyone.. maybe i should get back to the important stuff.
Anyway - about those orange leaves. im serious. i looked at them and turned back inside. i mean, theres just too many memories with me and those orange leaves. I look at kids outside raking them and i start to cry. they are a special symbol in my life and i took it for granted then and now im in this hellish hole i hate it. I HATE IT! I DO! I COME HOME AND THANK THE LORD HE MADE WEEKENDS! I COME HOME AND THANK THE LORD HE MADE TULILLY! I hate this life, I hate it!!!! :(