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08-28-2004, 09:05 PM
Hey.. Im new to this site..and ive tried Every other site to find out if im anorexic or just really thin..
Im 5'10 and 128 and dropping...All my friends think im anorexic and i rly didnt pay much attention to them until i looked it up online and relized i had most of the symptoms -- Im always cold- My hair is thinning and falling out - i skip periods alot and i usually dont eat more then 600 calories a day if that..and i get dizzy a whole lot--
When i do eat..i usualyl decide what im going to eat and limit myself to what time im going to eat...Sry this is all confusing and probly sounds like a buncha complaints but ive been EVERYWHERE else online and alls i want is to know whats going on- can Anorexia start out as a Sub-concious thing and then turn into a self-mutialating thing ? ... please..Help.

08-28-2004, 10:17 PM
Hi Catherine-

Welcome to FTI.... :)

Well..... I think only you can really answer that question yourself. From what you described, I would say that yes you are definitely anorexic. It sounds like you are suffering from some of the physiological consequences of this disorder.

For me, I started out here for bulimia, and while I have done OK with that aspect of this disorder, I have deathly afraid of eating. Sadly, my condition is spelled out nearly word-for-word in different websites, therefore I simply assume I am and I am trying to get some help from a doctor and nutritionist.

This is a great site to post what is going on with you. I would say that most of the people here are here to help support you if you are trying to work through this issue. I would strongly suggest talking to someone who can get you some help to find out how extensive you physical damage is. That is where I am right now, and I am scared. I use to be very overweight, and now that I am at a "normal" weight, I am fearful to eat. Fearful that I might purge. Fearful that I might gain weight.

So again, welcome and I look forward to seeing some of your posts.... :)


08-28-2004, 11:35 PM

Welcome to FTI!

I think you may be anorexic but I dont believe in the subconcious thing (but thats just me).
Anorexia isnt only symptoms it goes way deeper than food. Do you have the anorexic mind? (you are afraid of gaining weight, getting fat, you`d do anything to not eat etc)
I gotta run now but hopefully you get my point.

take care