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07-27-2004, 10:15 PM
A man's pure gesture to himself of contentment leads gim to believe he's won the battle once again...Crude comments and insane remarks leave him wondering what he should plaster on her mind. A woman, whom in no doubt he believes to be an unworthy creature of great self-indulgence, says nothing to stop the insanity. She is of course the better person, yet still incompetent to do so. We do well to remind men that women withbare children and wihtout us no men would prevail. It is out of nature and reasonability that men are the way they are. Considerably thinking they are never right any way, women in fact do agree to save herself from unwanted arguments that lead to no good schemes of unjustice and unruly to a relationship. So it is in a woman's best interest to rely on her kindness to end such conversations. A man may laugh to himself out of happiness in that he feels he got the better half of her...But a woman smiles ot herself knowing she can lower his ego with but a few comments.