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this pain is just to real
07-05-2004, 12:26 AM
<_< :ph34r: I cant take it anymore.All she ever does is b*tch at me. I finally cryed over it tonight after she got home.I hate her so much.She hurts me so bad by what she says. She always tells me im such a f**king slob or a b*tch and sh*t like that.Shes always b*tching at me too.About one thing or another.She says the reason her six year old isnt perfect anymore is because i moved in. Shes always asking if i talked to my grandma or mom to see when im moveing out.She thinks it hurts me when she says "oh when are you leaving? or after i say soon she rolls her eyes and goes.. good" or something.Holy sh*t. i cant hanldle it if im here much longer ill f**king kill my self.I hate this.I hate her.Why does she thinkg she has the right to tell me im the worst 14 year old she ever meet and the bigest slob and a f**king b*tch.Im really not a slob.Know that now.Shes just never home so her house was laways perfect.But im here 24/7 i never get to leave because she wont let me. SO im traped here. And yeah ya know. Maby ill not fix the couch or something .... big f**king deal. All she ever does is b*tch b*tch bicth about the most pointless things... she gets pissed off if someone lies to her and then he lies to everybody else.Shes a two faced back stabbing hypocritical selfish kanifeing b*tch and i hate her. I hate it here... what should i do? Should i sit and take her insults and sh*t. Or should i say something or do something. She thiks i look like a hooker too. She thinks im a **** and im not. I dont even where revealing cloths or ne thing. I dont know what her problem is or anything. I think its because im my dads kid. But what ever the hell it is. Its really hurting me and f**king with me and i dont know what to do..... help me please. :ph34r: oh yeah shes always b*tching about the trash or something soooooooo stupid like its dark out side im sitting here with the lights off and she got home and unlocked and opeaned the dorr... she didnt even knock. And then shes like "didnt you know the door was locked? You could have gotten off your ass and opeaned it anyway" i said i was sorry and i told her she had a key and she says her arms where full. Well how was i suposed to know b*tch? I dont know. She just thinks she has me figured out when she doesnt know sh*t about me. Holy sh*t she pisses me off. Shell always tell me she knows me and everything im going to do. I tell her she doesnt know sh*t about me. ANd she tells me to f**k off. I hate her i cant even explne the stufff she tells me. I wish i would die or something just so i wont have to be around her. Im soo frusterated... ne advise.. sorry this was so long.

07-05-2004, 09:01 AM
I think that if u feel, u can definitly get better w/ not living there w/ her, u shud try 2 get ur own place, b/c being out there on ur own wud be so much better than uu being there w/ her, being miserable..................


u can write me if u want?