View Full Version : everytime i try to fly i fall.

04-10-2008, 12:00 PM
:(ok so its been a long year for me theres been ups and downs but mostly downs lol i mean 2weeks ago i was the prittyest girl in school well you no what i mean no spots great hair and i really fancyed someone for a while and trust me going to school was so cool id get up early do my make-up have breakfast eat healthly but alot of people said i was loseing weight and that i looked like a boybecause i had no curves but i keeped saying im fine im fine trust me im just happy. but was i was i relly happy?

and now 2weeks hve gone and iv giving up i try look my best for school but im allways dehidrated whys that? because i might have anarexia i feel so sick when im eating so i just dont eat i go with out eating all day and im happy with how much iv lost! but i feel tiered and have low energy but because i lie and seem very happy when i confid in people about my problem they dont seem to care because its like i dont beleave it my self its lik i have to come in white and boney and faint infront of there face so they can beleave me.

i really like my figure now so what if i have no curves i ike it that way and i want to stay that way but today i had a load of carbs and chocolate and i fear the weight will come straight back on but i want to get better but i like being thin and people noticing m efor it im getting worse i dont no what to do.

04-13-2008, 04:42 AM
You don't have anorexia, but it does seem like it could develop. You sound kind of like me when I started dieting. You need to be careful because anorexia takes everything out of your life and it is so easy to fall into the trap. Most people don't realise or except they have anorexia until its too late to just stop. So try and eat like you used to. I haven't been eating any were near enough for the last 8 months and I have only just started to think I could be anorexic.

If you start to feel more and more "heavy". While you are still loosing weight beware, because that could be the next stage. Let me know if you start to think like an anorexic or continue to get worse. No one deserves to be anorexic and I'd like to help you before you get too bad. personal message me if you have any questions on how you are feeling or how anorexics feel.