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10-18-2007, 03:06 PM
Okay, so I had a bad day today and wrote two poems out when I got home. This one happened after school. I'll post the other in two minutes.

And it feels like youíre suffocating
Like thereís a pillow over your head
Youíre hands they reach out blindly
Falling clumsily onto your bed

Your vision all goes foggy
Your hearing tunes out too
Your legs shake uncontrollably
You donít know what to do

You canít remember why
Youíre freaking out like you are
But you donít know how to stop it either
Itís already gone too far

You canít breathe and you canít see
Canít hear, canít even think
So you stumble through the empty house
And find yourself a drink

You reach up to the cupboard
Pull down the bag within
In that moment, itís obvious
Just how youíre going to win

Pull out that box of painkillers
And fumble with the clasp
Into your hand, pour out some pills
The solutions in your grasp

Throw them back into your throat
Down them with water so clear
Wipe the tears that stream from your eyes
Wipe away the fear

At that moment, ďperfectĒ timing
A car pulls on the drive
You force yourself to breathe again
To act like youíre alive

Stash away the evidence
Everything in its place
You putting away, him at the door
Itís turned into a race

A race he doesnít know heís in
But heís part of, all the same
You concentrate only on looking normal
And canít even remember your name

But you prepare yourself and youíre ready when
Your brother walks through the door
You follow him out, with one last glance
At the cupboard Ė for you want more