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02-22-2007, 02:07 PM
Well first off, hey I'm new, so I doubt you've seen me here....but ya, here's just one of the poems I wrote a while back.


Hush-a-bye baby, you’ve still got a knife
Inside your still screaming, no rhythms your life
Your parents still hate you; your friends push you down
Below this you’re screaming, so close do you drown

Rock-a-bye baby, cry till you sleep
You’re broken and scarring, inside the tears keep
You drift through the shadows, the secrets they sing
Out come the problems, the pain they still bring

Fall-a-bye baby, hold tight to your heart
Broken the pieces, you grasp for one part
Your heart is still beating; you’re told you are dead
Alone now you’re bleeding, yet nothing is said

Go to sleep baby, diamond ring dropped
Pressed slowly your knife is, in time you soon stop
And down will come baby, to fall into dreams
Away from the nightmares, away from the screams

Asleep now is baby, never you’ll wake
At peace now is baby, with no life to take