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01-08-2007, 07:18 PM
ugh...i knew that good feeling from practice wouldnt last...and why? because of my mother...lately her and i have been arguing alot. she decided to "talk" (aka...lecture) to me tonight about why im so unhappy...why i dont want to do anything...why im on the computer so much..."its like you're severly depressed" she said. >.<...i wanted to evaporate on the spot. she thinks its because of me being ADD and missing "social cues" which basically means she thinks i suck at interacting with other people....she kept asking me what i thought the problem was...i really just wanted to pull up my sleeve and show her. but i didnt because its not worth it...finally she said that she wants to send to a conselling (spelling?) and that everyone in the family has said i should see a therapist...but i know she wont. she said that a few months ago, and nothing happened. so whats the point in getting worked up about it? i told her that but she says its different this time...and suppose she does send me to a conseller...and they find out that i cut? do they tell her that? that will raise all hell....she already says that im disrupting her family life cuz i wont watch tv with everyone else...but like i said, nothing will happen. she'll forget and ill stay messed up. eventually i just said what she wanted to hear...yeah, ill go to conselling...yes, mom, im probably ADD...yes mom, im glad we talked...yes mom, yes...

dont get me wrong, i love my mother. but she doesnt know me at all...

01-08-2007, 08:41 PM
I know exactly what u r saying...parents can be like that sometimes...it seems like they ruin every single happy moment u have...but after all that they still care about u...and that's the truth.
My mom has done the same...specially when i was in highschool...she told me that I isolated myself from other ppl..and well she didn't even know what was going on inside my head...it's like the words don't come out of ur mouth when one of ur parents ask u what's going on or something like that..or when u finally tell them what's the deal..they kinda make it worse...so u decide to keep yourself quiet.
I really don't know if a counselor will tell ur mom or not..I've never seen one...but if at the end ur mom remembers that and sends u to see a therapist then it could help..u never know right?there's always that possibility.
I'm in the same situation as u r...so sorry i can't tell u much...but u know u can always talk to me on msn or PM... ;)
xoxo :D