View Full Version : I cant get out of this place.

12-23-2006, 03:27 PM
Well, 5 months ago my ex boyfriend broke up with me. We'd been together for two years and only two weeks later one of my best frends told him she was in love with him. They started to go out and lied to me till I found out and confronted her. She told me how sorry she was and blah blah blah.
That day I ended up in the hospital.

Anyway, I kep talking to my ex cause it was so hard to let go of him. I always asked him what was going on and begged him to tell me if he had the same feelings for her, cause I'd rather now than play the fool again.
The thing is one month later they were together and he kept telling me he didnt want to be with her and that there was nothing going on between them.

Finally, one of our friends told me they were (again) lying to me. They'd been together for two months by then.

I wont ever understand why this had to happen. I'd trusted both of them with my life and they went and did this to me.

I feel like I wont ever go through with this. I cant trust people anymore cause I'm scared of situations like this.

It's been so long really, and I'm still in the same place.

12-23-2006, 03:33 PM
your young.

theres a lot more to life than just this.

you shouldnt break yourself over this little thing.
more beautiful and amazing will happen to you in future.
just wait and see.
till then

keep your head high.

12-23-2006, 05:07 PM
i know how you feel...it is so painful because everything you thought was just blows up and after that nothing is really wat it seems...but NoPain is right keep ur head high and better things will come in the future...but i think the best thing to do is just not talk to him anymore because when you talk to him all them memories of him come flooding bak and you want him again am i right? just try and ignore him and try to get all thought of him/them out of your head...it will be alot easier to get over this that way! hope you feel better about all this soon^_^