View Full Version : I Hate Her

08-02-2006, 06:31 AM
her ****ing big green eyes
I just want to pull them out
so she could see no more

she is so tall and beautyful
but I wouldn't want to be her
inside she is so emty
no one would be happy that way

her hair is so long and strong
but I wouldn't want to have them
they are too much troble
and the troble would never end

she is so ****ing sad
everybody don't care
she don't care for anyone aighter
,so why should I care

I just ****ing hate her
she makes me wait
wait for nothing
wait for depression and hate

maybe she hates me to
that's the reason why I love her
I want to see her bleed
I want to see her dead

Her words are so ****ing emty
I don't mean nothig to her
Without her I'm so ****ing sad
and she always makes me wait

**** AND I LET HER!!
gaad, I'm in such pain
pain of loving stuff, without it I brake

I need to kill her
so then I could be free
then I can be
then i must kill the others
so alown could I be!

She is still alive, I can hear her
she wants me to cry
it will never end....

I cannot kill her
I love her too much
she is my sister, my best friend
but she is never there for me

she don't hear what I am saying
she don't help me at all
**** what the hell I'm saying
stop it, there is too much hate!