View Full Version : So torn- please read and help

04-10-2006, 02:55 PM
ok this may get long but I guess I just need some advice or I want to hear what ya'll think...ok so here it goes...During this last summer I went out with this guy*Justin*( who I have liked for FOREVER)- it was one drunken night but still I was happy that we were dating- anywayz- we dated for like about a month and the break up was a crapy deal( he called me and told me that we were just freinds-being the blonde/stupid f-ing idiot I am- I didn't comprehend what he was saying and went to school the next day only to find out from one of my freinds that me and Justin were broken up-so to say the least I was crushed-

Well now I have this GREAT guy named Dan- he treats me great and tells me that I am beautiful and all that- but I still can't get Justin out of my head- everytime I am with Dan I almost wish that I was with Justin- I kno that it is sad and wrong and everything but I can't help it...I don't even kno why I like Justin so mcuh...I just can't help it...but then again I can't tell Dan the way I feel- he tells me he loves me, and that he hopes we will get married- and I just don't kno what to say...I don't want to tell him b/c I don't kno what he will think...but I can't keep living like this- please tell me what to do

04-10-2006, 03:24 PM
Firstly, you have to deal with not having Justin, if he ended it and it's over you have to move on. The question is wether to keep your boyfriend while you do it. Some people have succesful relationships while remembering "the one that got away.." so you can either make it work with him while getting over justin or you can move on just you.

If what you feel for Dan is nowhere near as good, I'd break up with him get over Justin and wait for another guy you're really crazy about. But if you do really care about Dan why not stick with him and forget Justin over time??

At the end of the day a relationship with Justin would probably never work out because you cant have one person crazy in love and one not bothered, just doesn't work...