View Full Version : She Triggers Me!

09-07-2005, 04:40 PM
OMG!.....my sister is such a b*tch to me all the time....okay she sits there and is liek you love yourself, your so conceded, your self-esteem is to high, get off urself,stop thinking of only u and no one else, she calls me a hypocrite and judgemental....I think she is one of the things that triggers me to cut i just i hate it here and like my other sister is gone and i loved her so much she is at college and when i see her she treats me like the best little sister in the world and i love her so much and i just i cant stand being away from her.....and my mom triggers me sometimes and im just im so broken....this household is broken my mom gets me watever i want i mean WATEVER and like i love her for that i like gettin all that but school is getting harder social lifes are f*cked up totally and im just so broken when im hear!!....I have moved away twice then moved back but i wont want to come back because i wanna be with my other sister and i want to see her more i hate this place i really do and sometimes i swear im just like going to kill myself or i feel like it and it sickens me and they dont even realize the pain all they see is my skinny body (according to my mom im ethipoian them really skinny kids wit no food) and my pretty blue eyes but they dont see all the pain behind my fake smiles fake luaghs and my pretty face (that i think is f-in hideous)....they dont see the scars internal and external or the bulimia....they dont see the day to day battles i face :(.....WHAT SHOULD I DO?....should i move away to were my sister is! or what should i do?...